Napier St Upgrade Documentary “What The F**k Is Taking So Long?” Coming To Netflix

Bendigo council has announced its new documentary will be available on Netflix from July.

The 50-hour documentary “What The F**k Is Taking So Long?” covers the last 5 years of the Napier Street upgrade and was filmed in real time.

Netflix said viewers can watch real Aussie construction workers build a real Aussie road from the comfort of their home. They will feel like they’re actually there.

Viewers will be able to watch construction workers smoking durrys whilst on their smoko, laughing hysterically at traffic backed up on a Friday afternoon and homeowners on Napier St flipping the bird at the roadworks as they watch their land values drop quicker than Anthony Mundine being KO’ed by a Kangaroo, all in real time.

Local filmmaker Horatio Von-Geraldson said the documentary has been a labour of love. “It’s been a labour of love. Like a wet fart, I want to bring the smells and sounds of Bendigo to the rest of Australia and the world.”

The documentary will feature interviews with Napier St residents and the burst pipe that shut down White Hills water supply. It will also feature the discovery of George Lansell remains that were buried beneath the road.

The Napier Street upgrade is due to be completed in 2085.

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