Rosalind Park Bats Chuffed For The New Batman Movie

The local bat community in Rosalind Park is over the moon about the new Batman movie.

“We’re hanging out for it,” says Bat leader Greg the Bat. “my friends and family can’t wait.”

Local teenager Shadow the Bat told The Bendigo Standard he can’t play any of the Batman games because his hands are too small to hold the controller or use a keyboard.

“I may drop in and see it after my appointment at the blood bank on Friday,” says Bob the Bat.

But not all of the Rosalind Park bats are excited about the new movie starring the Caped Crusader. Godfrey the Bat believes that Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of Edward in Twilight was a horrible representation of their friends and family.

“People were freaking out because they can’t tell the difference between a regular and vampire bat. We don’t tolerate any bat discrimination in any form.”

“I hope it doesn’t suck.”

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