Tramspotting Screening at the Star Cinema

“It is very exciting. Right up there with The Tramsporter, Silence of the Trams, The Polar Express Tram, Mightnight Tram, and Tram Wars Trilogy, with Three Colours Tram, and that Prince movie, Purple Tram, not to forget Schindler’s Tram, Avengers Infinity Tram, Tram! Tram! Tram! and Chitty Chitty Bang Tram,” said Star Cinema spokesperson Megan “Tram” Gunzel.

The movie Tramspotting is a very adult only movie.

“Mainly because of the track marks,” said Ms Gunzel.

Check out Star Cinema for session times.

Also, you can request other tram based movies, Gone With the Tram, When Harry Meet Tramy, Tramming Days, Tramaggeddon, and The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou Tram.

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