The Movie Twins Is Being Remade Using An Emu And A Kiwi Bird

“I said to the guy, I said, ‘Emu, Kiwi, Twins,’ and that was that. $525 million contract signed for the film,” said Guy Fawkes.

The project is slated for filming in 2019, using scenic locations around Eaglehawk, Maiden Gully, Jackass Flat, and Kangaroo Flat.

“I also said, Shane Jacobson, and I also said Geena Davis, and I also said Tom Hanks,” said wantabee movie person Mr Fawkes.

It’s an exciting prospect that will tie-up Bendigo Council funding for the next fifteen years – or two months depending on who you listen to.

“It think it was saying Tom Hanks that got pen to paper,” said Mr Fawkes.

It’s going to be a big project for Mr Fawkes, who doesn’t know Mr Hanks, a film director, a writer, artist, how to tie shoe laces, when spring starts, or what a kiwi is for the matter.

“I thought it was a type of fruit until someone said ‘Good idea’ and I quickly googled what I had said,” said Mr Fawkes.

For now, if you hear about a Emu and Kiwi CGI movie based on the hit 1988 film Twins, be sure to say you heard about it here first.

Have you got a film idea?

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