20 Things To Do After Groovin The Moo

After a long day of partying at Groovin The Moo, Bendigo offers a broad variety of entertainment options, ranging from activities, pubs and visiting Wayno’s house until the small hours of the morning. Let us help you get a glimpse into Bendigo culture.

Here are 20 things to do after the festival.

  1. Visit the Deborah Triangle
  2. Stand in the queue for the Universal
  3. Take a leak in the fountain
  4. Complain about Groovin The Moo’s loud noise on Bendigo Have Your Say (You know this is gonna happen anyway)
  5. Tell a complete stranger how much you love them
  6. Go on a Maccas run
  7. Fart on the bus
  8. Ride the cannon in Eaglehawk
  9. Ask your parents about the birds and the bees
  10. Catch that British tram in Rosalind Park to Echuca
  11. Tell everyone how much you love the Napier St roadworks
  12. Book a flight to Sydney
  13. Spew in your friend’s bed
  14. Spew in Rosalind Park
  15. Spew in the fountain
  16. Spew in Lake Weeroona
  17. Spew on a Qantas flight to Sydney
  18. Spew on the V/line train to Echuca
  19. Try to get on Highway Patrol… and spew
  20. Cover yourself in olive oil, roll around in flour and pretend you’re a piece of battered fish

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