Australia Has Decided! Fat Cat And Patsy Biscoe To Represent Australia In Eurovision

Legendary Australian children’s entertainers Fat Cat and Patsy Biscoe will represent Australia in this years Eurovision song contest.

“We are proud to represent Australia in the worlds largest song contest,” Ms Biscoe said. Fat Cat was lost for words.

The duo has beaten some of the biggest names in Australian music such as Kate Miller-Heidke, Sheppard and Ella Hooper.

Australian Eurovision officials said, “We couldn’t be more proud. With Patsy’s musical talent and Fat Cat’s dancing and choreography, we’ve got a winner on our hands.”

The couple has a long history together. In the 80’s they appeared on Fat Cat And Friends. During that time Fat Cat developed an Opioid addiction. Producers cancelled the show after Fat Cat was admitted to rehab.

Now over 30 years later, Fat Cat has never felt better after losing 40 kgs on an all meat pie diet.

Eurovision judges said “We couldn’t be more thrilled for Fat Cat and Patsy to represent Australia. They will do us proud.”

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