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Beards of Bendigo

World renowned rock band The Beards are playing Bendigo on their farewell tour.

In recognition of this honour, and in honour of beards in general, the Bendigo Standard has complied this list of great beards in Bendigo.

Some of them are better than others.

The Bendigo Standard’s graphic design department has worked very hard.

Microsoft Paint is tricky.

They (aka he, aka me) watched a youtube video.


Be gentle on your feedback.

Feel free to choose your favourites.

bendigo_famous_people beard

Cr_Rod_Fyffe beard

tram beard

Untitled 420 470 beards

r0_0_4928_3285_w1200_h678_fmax beard

134112-fe3d59d2-4e1c-11e5-9956-40bbe7ca6ff2 beard

w1200_h678_fcrop beard

dance01 beards

GTM action shots 05/05/12 Pb Matt Kimpton

1444370160958 beard

ceab3227c602fb1bd826259ba27f7849 beard

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