Coles Busker Added To Groovin The Moo Line Up

According to festival organizers, the decision to include the busker Ed “The Cat” DeRosa was a last-minute move to appeal to a more “authentic” and “grassroots” crowd.

“We were looking for something different this year,” said festival spokesperson Jess Sampson. “And we figured, why not give a chance to someone who truly knows how to connect with people going about their business?”

Ed “The Cat” DeRosa, known for playing a mix of classic rock covers and original songs on his acoustic guitar, was thrilled about the opportunity. “I’ve been playing out the front of Coles for years, and now I finally get to play on a real stage,” he said. “I can’t wait to see the look on people’s faces when they realize that the guy they usually avoid when shopping is now the main attraction at the festival.”

Despite the unexpected addition, festival-goers are divided on the decision. “I don’t want to hear some guy singing ‘Wonderwall’ for the millionth time,” said one concert-goer. “I paid good money for this ticket and expected a real show.”

However, some are excited to see the busker take the stage. “I love street performers,” said another concert-goer. “They’re so raw and authentic. I can’t wait to see what he brings to the festival.”

The festival, which will take place in April, will feature a diverse lineup of musicians, including a few that no one has heard of, as well as Ed “The Cat” DeRosa. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get arrested for street-performing in the middle of the festival.

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