Dad Refers To Groovin The Moo As ‘Groovin To The Moo’

A local Dad Bob Jeffers from Epsom asked his kids today if they managed to get tickets to Groovin To The Moo.

His daughters Laquisha, 13 and Bacardi, 14 were quick to correct him “Geez Dad, don’t you know anything?”

Mr Jeffers replied, “Well, I know how to drive a manual, do you?”

Mr Jeffers, Father of 2 told The Bendigo Standard. “I’m really looking forward to seeing The Baby Animals and Hunters & Collectors.”

His daughters pointed out he had mistaken Groovin The Moo for The Red Hot Summer Tour.

“Urgh, whatever Dad. You’re so embarrassing.”

Organisers told The Bendigo Standard “This is going to be our best festival yet. Not only do we have a sweet line up, but we also have a parents station containing retro consoles and earplugs right down the back.”

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