Festivalgoers Swear They Can’t Feel Bass Even Though Stage Is 2 Metres Away

Groovin, The Moo festivalgoers, known for their impeccable hearing, are in utter disbelief. Despite being just 2 metres from the main stage, they claim the bass is “inaudible.”

“I’m not feeling it, man,” says one attendee, wearing sunglasses indoors. “I expected my organs to vibrate!”

The festival’s sound technician, bewildered by the complaints, insists the bass is at full blast. “I’ve double-checked everything, and it’s louder than a jet engine!”

In response to the crisis, festival organizers have ordered ten extra subwoofers. They’re confident this will satisfy even the most sceptical of bass enthusiasts.

When asked about the situation, the festival’s main act shrugged it off. “We’ll just crank up the volume, and everyone loves a good bass-induced nosebleed.”

As the quest for the elusive bass continues, Groovin The Moo attendees remain hopeful that the vibrations will eventually reach their discerning eardrums.

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