This is Samuel L Jackon in The Negotiator. It's a great movie. You should watch it if you haven't already

Part of Bendigo was in lockdown last Friday after a local man was kept hostage by his boss. Police were called to a local business after the man, John Jenkins called Triple Zero.

When police negotiators ask the boss what he wanted, he replied: “For John to finish his timesheets”.

Mr Jenkins had to leave on time for his birthday dinner and unable to meet the demand. Work colleagues had celebrated his birthday earlier that day and became distraught after realising he forgot to take his work birthday cake home.

The whole incident lasted ten minutes with Mr Jenkins’ boss saying “You’d be home by now if you did the timesheet as I asked.”

A deal was met and negotiators were able to convince Mr Jenkins’ boss to let him leave and finish the timesheets on Monday.

“Birthday cake can make people do crazy things,” said Mr Jenkins.