Bendigo’s Central Deborah Motel (CDM) wants everyone to know they’re slightly not shit.

“High awards are everywhere, but we’re not about that,” said CDM spokesperson Manuel Pellegrini.

In a world where people demand the best, the CDM is showing life for what it is.

“Three and a half stars is better than average, and isn’t that all we really need to be happy?” poses Mr Pellegrini, in a way that really makes you think.

While the Council and other folks long for a luxury hotel to bring in the high-rollers, well the Schaller is okay but it lacks a Michael J. Fox type concierge, the CDM is keeping it real.

“We’re not the gutter, a cardboard box, or a desk at the library. We’re a decent stop with a bed. Three and a half stars, and darn proud of it,” said Mr Pellegrini, in a tone that makes it hard to argue.

For weeks this writer has laughed at the CDM for being so proud of being so mediocre, but this article’s interview makes you think.

That’s some terrific spin doctoring.

Not as good as these Spin Doctors though…