Comments following Tim Reuben’s departure from Hit FM Bendigo indicate the real reason for the popular presenter’s move off air.

“It’s 5G,” said @NufftyNuff on Twitter.

Following years of havoc on the Bendigo air-waves, such as colour runs, fashion walks, rap battles and stand-up comedy dares, Mr Reuben is heading to a new life off air.

“Was it the goats in the machine?” posed Tyliar Edumnds through Facebook.

The Bendigo Standard is unsure how the goats got into the machine. If they’re microscopic or if there’s one normal sized goat who has an IT degree but is fumbling with wires under the desk, because hoofs are not intended to use coax cables, not saying goats can’t manage IT, if they’re listening, we’re sure they can, it’s just be hard work, anyway, if that’s causing trouble for Mr Reuben it would make sense to head off air.

“You joining Putin Bruh?” asked @Duobees via Insta.

Whether a Russian influence was behind the decision to leave can only be speculated on, since those Russians are a bit, you know… Gee wizz we’re not going to say nothing mean about them here. We like our knee caps too much. I paint a funny face on mine sometimes. It makes them look like two bald men having an argument about cauliflower. You know? As bald men do? Look, isolation has been hard on us all. This might be talked about off air.

“Tim will be missed but also replaced,” said Keeshia Pettit (probably).

Support for Mr Reuben has been strong, and the staff at the Bendigo Standard wish him all the best in the future and with his Off Air podcast, available here: Off Air podcast.