This year’s Bendigo Easter Parade has been left in turmoil.

A fight broke out after Jeff Gregson, 42 from Maiden Gully videoed the parade on his iPad attached to a selfie stick and blocked the view of parade goers. Mr Gregson was asked numerous times to lower the iPad by officials but refused to comply stating it was a free country and he could do whatever he wanted.

This caused a fight to break out with 80 people including Bendigo’s own Frank The Mime being injured. During the fight, Frank was helped to escape from an invisible glass box after being coward punched. In a positive, this is the first time Frank has been out of the glass box in 10 years.

Due to the lack of Ambulances from the Paramedics strike, the 80 Injured spectators were rushed to Bendigo Base hospital via the clown cars that were being used in the parade.

Mr Gregson is being charge with being a public nuisance and using an iPad in a public place instead of enjoying the moment.

A witnesses overheard Mr Gregson mention that he was checking out Bendigo for the upcoming Hipster Rally as he was holding an Imitation Moccachino in one hand and the Selfie Stick in the other.

The injured spectators are expected to make a full recovery.

Mr Gregson is undergoing emergency Colorectal surgery to remove the Selfie Stick.