“You know that scene where the Joker blows up the hospital and the walk way collapses? This bridge here totally looks like that,” said Elliot Farmer, 8, from Maiden Gully.

The Bendigo Base… eh… Health, yeah, Bendigo Health hospital has abridge linking… eh… one part of the hospital to the other, we guess, anyway, it totally looks like the hospital bridge that goes boom-boom in Batman Dark Knight.

“The only way this could be cooler is if instead of a bridge, everyone had to swing across the gap like Indiana Jones with a bullwhip,” said Farmer.

It should be pointed out that the Standard doesn’t want any harm to come to the bridge.

“But you know how we got Marilyn Monroe from the American’s for a bit?”said Farmer. “Why not adopt the Sydney Harbour Bridge and put that there for a wee while?”

That’s not probable as the distance wouldn’t be comparable.

“Or some sort of giant lazy-susan so people only had to walk out to the edge building and then be swung around to the other side by a man or women giving the plate a turn at the bottom,” said Farmer.

That idea could be doubled to grind grain to make organic bread.

“Or, how about a series of trampolines to jump across?” said Farmer.“Wait, that’s no good. What about neck trauma patients, or pregnant mothers, their children could pop out mid-bounce and then we’d have babies dropping from the sky, slipping across Arnold Street, making a real mess, a bit like Napier Street.”

End of the day it is probably best for the current bridge to stay in place.