More than 200,000 new bins will start being delivered to households in the Bendigo and surrounding areas from next week.

Bendigo council announced it will introduce 5 new bins for households. The bins will dispose of almost everything in your life.

The new bin system will be:

  • Black lid for dead animals.
  • Purple lid for ex-partners or their gifts you know you know you should get rid of.
  • Brown lid for animal poo.
  • Pink lid for Adult paraphernalia.
  • Orange lid for bongs.

The Bendigo Council believes that 3 bins are not enough and every household needs more to clutter the side of their house. Every household will need to elect a Bin-Captain in their street to help remind them which bin goes out to the kerb and which night.

The service will see a $200 increase in rates. Locals are unable to apply for an exemption.

Collection will be every 3 weeks.