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Bendigo Council Votes To Rename Huntly to Moist

Bendigo City Council has announced the renaming of the suburb of Huntly to Moist.

“We are excited to announce that we are changing the name of Huntly to Moist,” said Mayor Andrea Metcalf.

“Moist is a more evocative name than Huntly. It conjures up images of damp, earthy smells and misty mornings. It’s a name that will stick in people’s minds.”

The news has been met with a mixture of delight and confusion from the people of Huntly… sorry, Moist.

The council, however, remains adamant that the name change is a positive step forward for the community.

“I can’t wait to stop at the Moist Bakehouse and grab one of their world famous Moist pies on the way to Echuca” one Moist local said.

The council has already begun updating street signs and official documents to reflect the new name, and is encouraging residents to embrace the change.

“We believe the new name will help put Moist on the map, and attract more visitors and businesses to the area” the mayor said.

While some may be skeptical of the council’s decision, it’s clear that the the suburb of Moist will be making headlines for years to come.

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