In a recent poll Bendigo was quizzed on whether they put their left shoe or right shoe on first.

“The left foot was a step ahead,” said Bendigo Standard statistician Tony Blue, 56, from Jackass Flat.

Yes, it seems Bendigo locals put their sinister foot forward first when putting on a shoe.

“It was scored 84 to 69, which is way more than the number of votes concerning the type of God Christians believe in, which is quite the feat,” said Mr Blue.

Yes it seems the topic of the foot really nails what Bendigo cares about.

“Of course the sole purpose of this quiz was not shoe favouritism,” said Mr Blue.

Oh, there was more afoot?

“Yes, we’re building a story arch, but taking it one step at a time,” said Mr Blue.

Hopefully giving this doesn’t release too many horses from the gait, because we’d hate for the writers to not have a leg to stand on.

“That’s enough,” said Mr Blue.