Many students leaving high school have never mastered basic life skills so Bendigo TAFE is responding with an adulting course.

‘Adulting For Beginners’ covers subjects such as changing a tyre, balancing a chequebook, doing the laundry and more.

The course began two weeks ago and students are already responding positively.

“Most of us had no idea how to boil a kettle before we started,” said 29-year-old student Bailee Buttersworth.

The course features a field trip to Kmart to prepare students for moving out of their parent’s house. “I didn’t realise the amount of stuff I need when leaving home.” said Bort Freelanger “I’ll probably need 4 trolleys full of stuff.”

Teacher Roy Simpson said “Most of our students are hopeless cases. They’re the human equivalent to a fitted sheet. The course is transforming a bunch of nobodies into a pack of somebodies.”

“Making my own dinner and not doing it for the gram has been my greatest accomplishment,” student Karen Pembleton said. “Every day I don’t eat canned soup is a day I win at adulting.”