The Telecommunications Commission has announced Bendigo is running out of phone numbers.

The phone number stress is caused by an influx of an expanding population.

A spokesperson said “We do not have enough numbers to meet demand by the end of the year. The best way to eliminate phone number stress is to add an extra 4 at the beginning of your normal phone number. It was going to be another 5 but that’s just crazy.”

The news soon reached social media with followers on Bendigo Have Your Say furious. Marc Daganey said “This is an absolute bunch of bull crap. I already have trouble trying to remember my wife’s phone number, now it will be next to impossible.”

On the other hand, due to Ballarat’s population shrinking, it will lose a digit from their phone number. This news comes after Ballarat was not crowned as one of Australia’s Top 10 livable cities.

The new phone number will be effective from July 1.