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Bendigo’s Potholes Now Officially Classified as Tourist Attractions

"Bendigo: Come for the Gold, Stay for the Holes."


The City of Greater Bendigo has announced a groundbreaking decision to rebrand the city’s numerous potholes as tourist attractions.

In a well-attended press conference, Mayor Andrea Metcalf unveiled a new city slogan: “Bendigo: Come for the Gold, Stay for the Holes.” The rebranding aims to capitalize on the city’s unique landscape, filled with gaping craters that once were roads.

“Tourists can now enjoy our magnificent potholes with guided tours, pothole safaris, and even a competitive pothole diving contest,” said the mayor, proudly sporting a ‘Pothole Pride’ t-shirt. “We believe our potholes are on par with the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef regarding natural beauty and sheer awe.”

The newly-appointed Head of Pothole Tourism, Barry Ditch, unveiled a comprehensive map of the top 10 “must-see” potholes, offering guided tours and souvenir photos. “We’re especially proud of our local treasure, the Grand Canyon of Bendigo,” boasted Ditch, gesturing to a gaping hole the size of a small car.

Critics argue that the money should have been spent on infrastructure repair. However, Mr Ditch insists the new approach is a “win-win” for the city. “Why to waste money on fixing them when they’re already bringing in tourists?” he questioned.

Citizens have praised the city council’s ingenuity, as they can now justify the suspension repairs on their cars as “supporting the local economy.”

Time will tell if Bendigo’s pothole tourism gamble pays off. In the meantime, don’t forget to pack a spare tyre if you plan a visit.

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