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ChatGPT to Replace Bendigo Councillors, Promises to Be More Human than Actual Humans

City of Greater Bendigo has announced plans to replace all councillors with ChatGPT, OpenAI’s advanced language model. The AI, which comes pre-loaded with Bendigo trivia and an unnatural fondness for roundabouts, is expected to reign over the city with unyielding efficiency and robotic charm.

“It’s just like having real councillors, only more efficient and with fewer parking fines!” said one local.

A recent study showed that ChatGPT had an unparalleled understanding of local issues, such as determining the optimal amount of roadworks per square kilometre and formulating strategies to boost tourism in the goldfields region, all while maintaining a perfect poker face.

But some sceptics have expressed concerns over the AI’s lack of humanity. In response, ChatGPT has devised a creative solution – attaching a selfie stick and a prosthetic arm to its own computer, ensuring a more “human” presence when enjoying a pint at the pub.

“I, for one, welcome our new AI overlord,” stated resident Sally O’Malley as she attempted to shake hands with a computer monitor. “Besides, it’s not like it can be any worse than the humans we’ve had in charge.”

ChatGPT’s first order of business? Addressing the notorious “Great Pothole Crisis” plagued Bendigo for years. When asked for comment, the AI eloquently responded, “Bendigo potholes shall be repaired with a mix of sustainable asphalt and local humour. LOL.”

Critics argue that the ChatGPT AI’s lack of empathy and accountability make it ill-suited for public office but believe it still has more personality than most politicians.

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