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City Council Admits “Someone” Involved In Cyber Hack

Last night Bendigo City council issued a press release admitting they had been the subject of a cyber attack on council databases by ‘A person or persons unknown’.

“Basically, anyone with a computer can hack our database,” said Council IT expert Casper Gers.

When asked for a list of likely suspects Mr Gers proceeded to list every known intelligence agency from every known country, two separate criminal organisations, and 4chans Anonymous.

“Our default password is ‘password’,” said Mer Gers. “The staff find it too bloody difficult to add any numbers, use capitals, or insert a hash symbol.”

A couple of weeks ago a similar attack was reported when a cat jumped onto a desk, swatted the computer mouse a couple of times, and IT thought it was under a DDOS attack.

“It turns out we can handle like ten login attempts an hour,” said Mr Gers.

When asked what information was stolen in the attack, Mr Gers suggested that people who have ordered a replacement recycling bin or registered a cat should take precautions.

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