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City Of Greater Bendigo To Introduce 7 New Wheelie Bins


Bendigo Council has voted to introduce 7 new wheelie bins for households.


More than 200,000 new bins will start being delivered to households in Bendigo and surrounding areas from next month.

The new bin system will be:

  • Black lid for dead animals and roadkill.
  • Purple lid for ex-partners or their gifts you know you should get rid of.
  • Brown lid for animal poo.
  • Pink lid for all that stuff from the 90s your partner has a hard time throwing out.
  • Orange lid for bongs.
  • White lid for all those CDs that Spotify replaced.
  • Grey lid for backyard cricket.

Bendigo City Council believes that Consistent separation of household waste and recycling will increase recycling. It will also stop people from filling up their neighbour’s wheelie bins.

Every household will need to elect a Bin-Captain in their street to help remind them which bin goes out to the curb and which night.

The service will see a $500 increase in rates. Locals are unable to apply for an exemption.

The curbside collection will be fortnightly.

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