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Cocaine Drop Bear Spotted On The O’Keefe Rail Trail

Yesterday, a group of hikers stumbled upon a cocaine drop bear while on the O’Keefe Rail Trail. According to eyewitnesses, the bear was seen frantically scratching at its nose and twitching its ears, exhibiting classic symptoms of cocaine use.

Authorities were immediately called to the scene, and a team of wildlife experts was dispatched to capture the animal. After several hours of tense standoff, the cocaine drop bear finally fell from the tree and was taken into custody.

But the real shock came when veterinarians conducted a blood test on the animal and found high levels of cocaine in its system.

Residents who nicknamed the bear “Jim” reportedly tried to lure the bear into their homes with offers of snacks and entertainment. “I’ve got a disco ball and some glow sticks; I think Jim would’ve loved it,” said one nearby resident.

The discovery of Jim’s drug use has sparked outrage among animal rights activists, who are calling for a full investigation into how the bear obtained the cocaine. Some even speculate that Jim may have been involved in the drug trade, smuggling cocaine across the border from New South Wales or South Australia.

Authorities have not yet determined what will happen to Jim once his medical condition stabilizes. Still, some have suggested that he may be sent to rehab to help him overcome his addiction.

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