“We simply have outgrown our planing zone,” said Pink Flamingo Shape, two-years, made in China.

One Bendigo office’s Coffee Cup City has begun to spread over its original tea tray boundary.

“People come and go, but the cups only stay,” said Flamingo Shape. “We have a I Hate Monday’s cup that has been at the back since before the tea tray was given as a place guide.”

Often boundaries are required in offices to ensure cup and lunch boxes don’t get tossed about the staff kitchen will-nilly.

“We might have some cups the no longer get used, but they’re like family to us. We couldn’t imagine life without Coffee Is My Volume Knob,” said Flamingo Shape.

For now some cups are violating kitchen regulations by existing off the tray.

“But we have a planning permit in place, and hopefully a new, even larger tray is coming, or heaven forbid we dream of a cupboard like those plates. But some of use get used too much for a cupboard place, so on the shelf, on a larger tray is all we ask for,” said Flamingo Shape.

Next staff meeting is the first Tuesday of the next month, and a new plan for the cups is set to be agreed upon.