“Well Cobber, your got your Coke-a-Cola, and your Pepsi Cola, and your RC, and then you got your Soda Stream versions that some real craft experts really get behind, you know Bloke?” said Ted Cruz, 47, of Ferntree Gully.

Now in its seventh year, the Craft Bourbon and Coke Festival is one of the icon events of the Manchester Arms.

“We love coming back here, Mate. You know Tiger, we just feel really welcome, and Cheryl at the Oval Motel knows what rooms we like now, so we get them every year. She doesn’t mind. She’s a good sort, “said Mr Cruz.

The intricacies of Craft Bourbon and Coke can be lost on the layperon.

“It’s not just the bourbon, Fella, most people think it’s the bourbon. There’s lots of bourbons, sure, every man and his dog has their own bourbon, but what sets the men from the boys is the cola, Champ, the cola,” said Mr Cruz.

With over twelve different types of bourbon and about as many styles of cola, all the way from cherry to vanilla, there were hundreds of combinations on offer (more than 80 we’d say).

And Mr Cruz’s favourite?

“Oh Muscles, I can’t tell you. It’s a secret recipe,” said Mr Cruz, who looked like he was drinking from a Bullet can that had been filled with Woodstock from behind the bar.