“What? It was dusty,” said Norm Beatie, 47, Golden Square.

“Darl, I said clean the bath, not suck up the plug hole,” said Martha Beatie, 47, Golden Square.

“You got a better idea Love?” said Norm.

“Get a cloth and some water,” said Martha.

“There’s been nothing but water in that bath, what makes you think more water is going to clean it,” said Norm.

“Wipe it up with a damp cloth Darl, don’t hover over it with a hoover,” said Martha.

“I aren’t hovering over nothing, I’m sucking up lint and dust and things,” said Norm.

“Just get a cloth it’ll be much faster,” said Martha.

“Alright fine!” said Norm, and he went and got a cloth, while mumbling, “One day on the cans and I’m cleaning baths I don’t even use.”