“They’ve got freaking mescaline in the burgers,” said Tim Shaw of Axedale.

“Freaking mescaline! This is going to be freaking awesome. I’m freaking stoked. Freaking A man. Whoa!”

The G’rilled Family Burger Chain currently serves a sandwich filling covered by a bun that has something called mesculin in it.

“Yeah, mescaline!”

No mesculin.

“That’s what I freaking said.”

No it’s not.

“Give me one of your mescaline burgers!”

A burger is served.


Mescaline is a drug derived from peyote that has a similar effect to LSD.

“Oh man so good.”

Freak knows what the hell mesculin is.

It keeps having a red squiggly line appear under it.

Hard to say if it’s even a word.

Google thinks it’s French.

Might be some guy’s name.

“Such a mellow high man. Almost like there’s none at all.”