Yesterday a stubby of beer, labelled Carlton Dry, was found in a supermarket car park.

“It doesn’t look open,” said one interested punter.

It appeared to have been left behind, forgotten like a cat in a box as the driver put it down, entered the car, started the engine and drove away.

“It’s probably filled with piss,” said another passer-by.

It seems a lovable pastime of teens and bell-ends is to refill beer bottles with urine, screw the lid back on, and watch until someone picks up the bottle and drinks their piss.

“But you can tell if it’s real if the bottle fizzes when opened,” said one guy – suspiciously sounding like he wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice.

After further investigation, it was determined the bottle was indeed filled with rotten, piss tasting, utter horror of a liquid.

“Oh yuck!” said the guinea pig.

It was a Carlton Dry after all.