“Puddles, puddles everywhere,” said one distraught Bendigo East resident.

The storm cloud known locally as Hurricane Jaykie-Lee, or hurricane the horrible, or wety wety windy, crashed through Bendigo yesterday.

“I was a bit blowy,” said a fear struck Weeroona resident.

Big slashes of water tumbled from the open sky like Zeus himself was taking a shower.

“Golly, it sure kicked up for a moment there,” said a nervous Strathdale resident.

There was lashings of rain and rattling of wind and a great bellows from the clouds that could put asunder the noise brought forth from a crying baby.

“My feet got soaked,” said a saturated Lockwood resident.

Umbrellas were turned inside out, like a chicken being prepared for spatchcock, and some chairs were pushed over, like trees can be knocked in bigger storms.

“There are leaves everywhere,” said a befuddled Huntly resident.

Bendigo is beginning the slow rebuild, righting marques and clearing debris from letterboxes.

“I lost my hat,” said someone from Myers Flat.

The red cross has been notified.