“But, but, but, at Strath Village, you can get it all together,” said Trakyn Smith, 18, Latrobe Campus.

Smith was shocked to learn that after six months of living at the Hillside Apartments or one of them places, but not the Villas because that’s where the rich students live, that Bendigo CBD is not a collection of scrappy arcades clustered around an intersection.

“Yeah but, bro, they got like the KFC and Salvos and a post office there,” said Smith, ranking things in order of importance – well maybe not the post office.

The Bendigo Standard then attempted to advise Smith of all the things the CBD has to offer beyond Strath Village, such as ample retail opportunities, greater density of parking inspectors, and hills.

“Yeah, narr, we got a shoe shop, and a Mexican place, and this bottle-o near the lake,” said Smith.

Plus an Aldi, added the Bendigo Standard.

“There’s an Aldi! Whoa! Whoa! Bro you blow my mind, this is sick,” Smith said, then rambled on in a continued stereotyped impression of a teenager.

So yeah, who need the CDB?