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Local Loses 85 kgs On A Bendigo Original Pie Shop Diet


Weight loss is simple, right? Eat less, exercise more, and voilà: The pounds melt away. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. Fortunately, a local man has the answer.

Gilbert Fogg discovered the holy grail of weight loss after losing 85 kgs on an all Bendigo Original Pie Shop (BOPS) diet.

“I started the BOPS diet 6 months ago at 150 kgs,  now I’m 65 kg. The diet allows me to eat all the pies I want guilt free” said Mr Fogg.

“After I lost the baby fat I had more energy for cooking, eating and lunch dates.”

His top tips include avoiding salads and just sticking to the 5 essential food groups of pies, chips, cakes, soft drink and flavoured milk.

“I don’t do gyms because going out for dinner is cheaper” Mr Fogg said.

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