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Local Man Announces He’s Still Waiting For Pans To Soak

Local Man Tom Brinky announced to his friends and family on social media he’s still waiting for the pans to soak.

Ten days ago he was unable to remove a burnt bacon fat from frying pans. They’ve been soaking ever since.

His wife Sharon has given passive-aggressive hints such as “Oh, the pans are still there?”, “I think the pans are done” and “I don’t have any room.”

Tom promised to do it after his team The Melbourne Renegades finished their turn at the T20. He did quickly check them during an ad break and told his wife “they still needed soaking a bit longer.”

Tom told The Bendigo Standard “It was Sharon’s turn to wash the pans as he did them the other night.” Sharon was asking when they would be done and Tom replied with “For crying out loud Sharon, I told you I’d do them, wait a sec, they’re still soaking.”

The Bendigo Standard believes the pans will still be soaking by Christmas.

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