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Man Trying To Get A 42″ TV Into His Toyota Yaris Should Have Bought A Bigger Car

In a world where size matters, it seems like some people still haven’t gotten the memo.

According to eyewitnesses, the man, identified only as “Tom”, arrived at JB Hi-Fi in his Toyota Yaris and announced his intention to purchase the TV. When the store employees informed him that the TV was too large to fit in his car, Tom reportedly responded, “I’ll make it fit.”

Toms wife who was trying to help told Tom “It’s not going to fit no matter how hard you tetris it in.”

But Tom who was trying to prove his wife wrong said “Just last week I was able to fit an office chair.”

As Tom attempted to squeeze the TV into his tiny car, onlookers reported that the TV was nearly as big as the car itself. The end result was a ridiculous sight, with the TV jutting out of the Yaris.

“I don’t understand. It’s a 42″ TV, not a casket or a treadmill from Big W.”

As Tom drove away, onlookers were left wondering how he planned to transport the TV home without damaging it. It is also unclear how he planned to fit it in his portable tiny house.

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