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Man Turns Kitchen Tap Into Office Water Cooler

“I even walk out the house to move the car every two hours,” said Clinton Gray, 37, of Maiden Gully.

In an attempt to create the workplace at home, apart from making his own excuses to go to the kitchen to check his phone, Mr Gray is pushing other boundaries to replicate a normal lifestyle.

“Sure I’m making my own coffee, but I’m serving it in non-reusable paper cups and chucking a bit of plastic into the gutter every morning, just to get those store-bought feels,” said Mr Grey.

With no family or partner, he’s having to draw on other techniques to get the full work-at-home experience.

“Sometimes I leave the TV on playing repeats of Bluey in the other room, and turn the internet off on myself to pretend someone is streaming Ru Paul’s Drag Race, or that I have NBN,” said Mr Grey.

Like many, there’s a slight fear he has to returning to work in an office.

“I’ve been telling everyone I’ve been working out, but instead I’ve put on 15 kilos of Domino’s. So far everyone has just seen my head and I’ve been using backdrops showing I’m outside, but no, that’s not true. Sometimes I’m not even out of bed,” said Mr Grey.

Many admit, the road back to the office is going to be a tricky one.

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