“For generations it has puzzled the bejesus out of us,” said Kip Monkeyface, 12, of North Bendigo.

Like many in Bendigo who love water slides, the renaming of Big Bendi to Hoobee Tubee has puzzled the Monkeyface family.

“Not since my ancestors changed their name from Smith to avoid the migrant tax, and walked here from Robe, mistakenly thinking that was the only way to get to Bendigo from Geelong, has a name change been met us with more family bemusement,” said Mr Monkeyface.

The Monkeyface (nee Smith) family have lived opposite the Bendigo Aquatic Centre since before young Monkeyface was born.

“Ever since, we’ve been wondering who the duck Hoobee is, and why they have an incorrectly spelt tube slide named after them?” said Mr Monkeyface.

The Bendigo Standard can now reveal that this is a complete cock-up.

“Sounds like Bendigo,” said Mr Monkeyface.

Instead of being a poorly thought out child’s winning entry in a naming competition, it has been shown that Hoobee is actually Sir Reginald Hoobee, Bendigo local and the inventor of the water slide.

“Oh,” said Mr Monkeyface.

Back in Hoobee’s time, a water slide was nothing more than jagged rocks with a pail of water thrown over them to make it moist.

“In some ways, the slide that now bears him name continues that tradition,” said Mr Monkeyface.

Sick burn.