A naked dance group from Ballarat has been blamed for yesterday’s freak storm.

Group leader Maven Trimmer said “We wanted to bless the people of Strathfieldsaye with our love, dancing and rain. We believe that if we shed our inhibitions and dance then Mother Nature will give us rain. It’s also been so hot it was a no-brainer.”

The group had just returned from Townsville.

While Bendigo was losing its trees, the 18 Naked Dancers were losing their clothes out the front of the Strathfieldsaye IGA. Coincidentally there were a high number of car accidents but the dance group blamed the high wind speeds and slippery roads.

Floods caused by the dancing had caused the only road in and out of Strathfieldsaye to close giving locals no choice but to endure the view.

Within minutes IGA were sold out of scouring pads and soap which people used to scratch out their eyes.

“We didn’t expect our dancing to have such an effect on the people of Strathfieldsaye,” Mr Trimmer said.

Mayor Margaret O’Rourke thanked the group for helping to break the drought but pleaded with them to stop.

There was a spike of interest of people from Bendigo Have Your Say and local church groups requesting to join the dance group.