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Napier Street Mineshaft Triggers Fear Of Holes

A local Epsom woman has told her friends on social media that the Napier Street mineshaft has triggered her Trypophobia, or fear of holes.

“It’s so bad I can’t even eat crumpets anymore,” Matilda Parry-Okeden said.

“I have to drive through Eaglehawk and Long Gully just to get to work in the CBD which is infuriating as it’s a bigger hole than the mineshaft.”

“It was worse when I got to work as they had Birthday doughnuts for me. When I said you shouldn’t have, I meant it literally” said Ms Parry-Okeden.

Dr Stone, a Local Professor at LaTrobe University reported testimonies from some people who vomited and others who said they could not go to work for several days.

“It can be quite disabling, just like the word moist.” Dr Stone said.

The Napier Street road works are due to be completed in 2040… again (Insert eye-roll emoji here).

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