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What’s The Deal With The Palm Tree On The Building

“Crazy. I point this out every few weeks and nobody seems to notice it’s there,” said Doug A. Hole, 39, of Golden Square.

Up on high, if you look from the Pall Mall corner, over the fountain, towards View St, there’s a freaking palm tree on the roof of a freaking building.

“Like where does the root system go?” said Mr Hole.

Quite possibly the tree taps into a guttering system that collects rain water, yet there wouldn’t be a natural soil bed for dirt based nutrients up there.

“Maybe some birds shit up there to keep it alive in their nitrogen rich dung, or the bats, those bats might make a bee-line for it, it could be like a tourist attraction for them, I don’t suppose bats see a lot of palm trees where they’re from, so they have a sticky-beak and a crap while there, but you wouldn’t expect much shit, I mean humans don’t seem to notice it’s there, why would fruit bats and bored birds?” said Mr Hole.

Bats and birds do fly, so are more likely to look up than humans, but still, even if they are taking time out of their day to strategically crap on a randomly placed palm tree, what’s it doing up there in the first place?

“My theory is, and this is just a theory mind you, is that some Canadian came to Bendigo and was shocked to see so many palm trees, because privately owned palm trees in Canada are a sign of wealth, because it’s such freaking bad climate for palm trees over there they got to spend extra coin having them looked after in the winter, so some Canadian came here and was like, ‘They have palm trees in Long Gully! Even some hoser in Long Gully has a palm tree in their yard. This place is incredibly rich.’ and some champ was like, ‘You think a palm tree in Long Gully is decadent, how about on top of a building, for zero reason.’ and they just planted it there,” said Mr Hole.

It’s as plausible as any other explanation.

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