Bendigo Mayor Margaret O’Rourke is contesting an infringement notice while parked outside of the council office in Lyttleton Terrace.

The time limit for parking outside of the council office is 30 minutes. Cr O’Rourke’s 1984 VH Commodore was parked for 32 minutes.

“This is bull crap. I was stuck at work and forgot to roll my car forward a bit.” Cr O’Rourke said.

The Mayor tried to appeal the decision at the council offices but it was rejected.

Cr O’Rourke told the council officer “This is blatant revenue raising” and demanded to speak with the council officers boss. Then said she wouldn’t leave until the matter was dealt with.

Cr O’Rourke took to the Bendigo Have Your Say Facebook group while waiting to complain.

One commenter said, “This is just revenue raising”.

Another said, “it wasn’t even 5 minutes”.

“I had to pay my fine last week. If she gets off I’m gonna be p!$$*%” another member of the group said.

Cr O’Rourke is still waiting for the matter to be dealt with.