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People Actually Go To Myer in Bendigo

“I had to goggle if it was still open,” said Mary Kate, 26, of Sailors Gully.

Yes, the Boxing Day sales are the one time of year that Myer has some purpose in Bendigo.

“I mean, it’s not the Marketplace, or the Plaza, or DFO, so why bother,” said Miss Kate.

For 364/365 days of the year Myer is just a large block people use as a short-cut between the potato van in the Mall and their car parked next to the Law Courts.

“I went in there once, and it was like 1986 had never left. I was expecting someone to sell me a scrunchie,” said Miss Kate.

Of course while scrunchies are making a massive comeback… NOT… the tradition of the Boxing Day sales are giving some relevance to the irrelevant store in the CDB.

“I’ll have a look inside maybe. I mean it’s near the pub so we might quickly look in between rounds,” said Miss Kate.

Meanwhile ebay is likely to see a spike in listings of foot spas, iphone’s and portable chargers.

“It’s the shopping you can do without leaving the cricket,” said no-one EVER, because people who watch the cricket don’t shop. FACT.

Stay safe this Boxing Day.

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