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Ex-Bendigo mayor Peter Cox apologises for Depp and Heard Video

Former Bendigo Mayor Peter Cox has been made to apologise for the Johnny Depp Amber Heard Video. This was after an independent panel made a misconduct finding against former Bendigo mayor Peter Cox and ordered him to apologise to two colleagues. The independent panel requested that Cr Cox also apologise to the Australian public for the Depp and Heard video.

The celebrity couple entered a plea bargain to get out of the more serious charges of illegally importing her two small dogs. As part of the deal, Heard and Depp were forced to record an apology that would not only express their regret over their actions, but also presumably be so upsetting to watch that no one would ever consider violating Australian bio-security laws again.

Cr Cox is sorry that the Australian people had to listen to the celebrity couples fake apology. “They’re actors, what do you expect” he said. Following the apology, Johnny Depp offered Cr Cox a small cameo role in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. His part is being made secret and will be announced over the next month.

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