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Queen Elizabeth Oval Renamed “King Elizabeth Oval”

Bendigo Council has voted on a name change for Queen Elizabeth Oval with the new name reflecting a change in a monarchy.

“Too soon,” says local royal fan, Albert Voss.

Councilor Dee Snuts said that the QEO was due for an upgrade and argued the name King Elizabeth Oval would bring more jobs to Bendigo.

The oval, originally known as ‘The Oval Next To The Pool With Big Bendi’, hosted touring cricket teams as early as 1897.

The ground also hosted Billy Ray Cyrus’ tour in 1995 and the Quidditch World Cup in 2010.

Bendigonians have fond memories of Queen Elizabeth. Maiden Gully resident Dorothy Crutchley told The Bendigo Standard “I remember when Her Majesty first visited Bendigo. She gave me a couple of Werther Original. I still have them in my display case.”

The Queen’s Arms Hotel in Quarry Hill has no current plans to change its name to The Kings Arms Hotel. Premix King has no plans to rename.

The federal government also has zero plans to rename Queensland to Kingsland at this current time.


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