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Rossie Park Poppet Head To Reopen For Mining

“Ok, so, look, the coffers are a bit dingy,” said a secret council member, “So we got together and thought up this idea, see, right, ok, what we do is start mining again.”

It’s been, well, Fosterville is still mining in Bendigo so the whole mining thing is still going, but in Rosalind Park they stopped mining at least thirty years ago.

“Now people still come here looking for gold, right, yeah, they go looking in the creek and stuff, like that’s going to work, huh, and we were thinking, like, why not just, you know, charge people like ten bucks to have a dig under the poppet head,” said the council member.

The Rosalind Park poppet head was moved from its original location down in the park to be placed up the hill some time ago, at least thirty years, with the goal of having a scenic lookout.

“The poppet head is good and all, except, you know, you can still see the netball courts, like, ironic that you can get as far away from them as you can, and it actually gives the best view,” said the councillor.

The plan of restarting mining up the hill of Rosalind Park has wide appeal for Bendigo Council.

“You know, we can, like, get people digging, and sell a few shovels, and, like, there’s got to be ten bucks in shovels, each, and then we’ll sell some sieves, like, not good ones, but something we can get ten bucks out off, and yeah, probably have a photographer, not a good one, but like ten bucks for an official photo, and ten bucks for a t-shirt, maybe even twenty, yeah, we’ll be apples mate,” said the mayor-wanttabe.

Rosalind Park mining will be open in time for Christmas.

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