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Teenager Vapes In Hargreaves Mall To Prove He’s Cool

In a bold move to prove his coolness to his peers, local teenager, Tim Johnson, was spotted vaping in the Hargreaves Mall yesterday afternoon.

“I just wanted to show everyone that I’m not just some nerdy kid,” said Johnson, “I’m part of the in-crowd now.”

The act of vaping in the mall, however, did not have the desired effect as it only attracted disapproving glances from mall-goers.

Maude Floyd said “The mall smells like strawberries and chocolate. Either that or Willy Wonka opened a factory at one of the empty shops.”

“If I was their parents I would punish them by making them vape them all until they’re empty,” said one parent.

“I didn’t expect everyone to be so judgmental,” said Johnson. “I thought they would all be impressed and want to be my friend.”

Despite the negative reaction, Johnson is determined to continue vaping in public places to prove his coolness. “I’ll show them,” he said. “I’ll vape in Guf, the library, everywhere. I’ll be the coolest kid in town.”

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