Donald Trump, the top brass of America, has gone about revenue raising in the best way he knows how.

“We asked Potus what he wanted to do about paying for the whole wall schmozzle,” said Junior Vice-President staffer Ethan Meeks, “And after talking about the old three cup routine, the old three card trick and having a pretty lady distract people while he took things out of a box, this was his best idea.”

The basic plan, made by the President Of The United States, is this:

“First we went to his emails and found one he replied to a few years ago. Then we copied and paste,” said JVP Meeks.

There was one alteration, as the Donald wanted his name entered at the base of the text.

“He said it would be a little bit suspicious to have nothing there, which apparently is what he should have noticed the first and second times he replied,” said JVP Meeks.

The email has been sent to Mexcio and most on Team USA are hopeful.

“I’m not sure he understands the concepts involved,” said JVP Meeks.

The text of the email can be read here:

Dear Sir/madam,

I write with you in the strictest of confidence so our communication may stay private between us. I have ten million and one hundred american dollars US currency that my great uncle has left to me. The bank can not send to me this money as I have no account of my own. My uncle was very rich but I did not see him often as I would like. By luck of chance you and I have the same name and I can have the money transferred to you and I wish to share the money with you for your help.

All I need to send the $10,000,100 to your account is your name, date of birth, bank account numbers, address, cat’s name, first street you lived on, and your favourite colour, plus also the password to your bank account.

With the money I hope only to build my family a wall for playing squash and for use as a feature so to set the garden off if painted blue (the wall painted blue, not the garden). You shall share also in wall and may have many uses for money of yourself.

I look forward to your consultant.


Donald Trump