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Victorian Schools To Trial Zombie Apocalypse Survival Drill

Next term, all Victorian schools will trial a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Drill. The Victorian Department Of Education believes the drill will prepare students for an imminent zombie attack.

The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Drill is a simulated emergency procedure which aims to emulate the processes which would be undertaken in the event of a zombie apocalypse, the end of the world or other similar emergencies.

“The actions taken in the initial minutes of a Zombie Apocalypse are critical,” Premier Daniel Andrews said. “A prompt warning to students to evacuate or grab all the ammo and sports equipment they can get their hands on can help save lives.”

Every Victorian school will be provided with one hazmat suit.

Students are advised to avoid taking selfies with the undead.

Principal John Noon from Strath Heights Secondary College told¬†The Bendigo Standard “If you see any undead walking around avoid them. These are not the people you want to take with you to Schoolies.”

“We are not teaching students to perform CPR as it’s useless on the undead,” a local P.E teacher said.

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