Year 12 student Nicky Gordon from Epsom is excited about taking her first gap year next year.

“Like I can’t wait till school finishes. It won’t be a holiday, it’ll be a gap year. Like I’m going overseas to learn about other cultures and stuff before I start my arts degree and stuff.”

The only set back is Nicky does not have a job and believes it’s pointless when she’ll be away next year. “Like I mean what’s the point, as soon as I get the job I’ll have to quit because I’m travelling. I might just start a Go Fund Me or something.”

“I’ve spent a couple of weekends in The Grampians,” she says when asked about her travel experience. “I’ve been eating a lot of Pad Thai to help climatise myself to Thailand food. I also took some Year 7 Indonesian at school so I shouldn’t have a problem understanding the locals.”

Her parents Diane and James said they are proud that their daughter is taking in other cultures. “We’re proud she’s doing this even if she will be a year older than everyone else at Uni.”