Raise your hand if you are looking for money and can’t find it? Throughout the world money/currency after Britain’s Brexit is becoming scarce. What is the solution you ask? Well look no further…. Australia’s currency is now M&M’s, those great chocolate treats!  Both peanut and plain are worth something and this makes parents happy…and children a bit unhappy.

No longer will we pay with money but M&M’s. M&M’s stand for Money & Mo’ Money.

Australian shops, corner stores and Mom & Pop stores have been rushed with the sales of M&M’s.

Each color is worth a different amount:

  • Brown – $1.00
  • Red – $5.00
  • Blue – $10.00
  • Orange – $20.00
  • Yellow – $50.00
  • Green – $100.00

This will excite most people that the peanut ones may count as double the cash…if you have the plain along with the peanut.

The one thing is during the hot months of the year the M&M’s must be frozen otherwise they melt.  Note: if the the M&M’s do melt then they are not worth a penny. 2nd Note: If you have a M&M’s license plate discount will be given to you. 3rd Note: For those interested in getting married and choose to have M&M’s engraved with your names more power to you.  This is the wave of the future…and M&M’s are now the ticket to it.

Counterfeits such as Smarties and Skittles have been banned. Anyone caught paying with any of these will be fined and punished under the new M&M currency act.

Will Wilson from Sydney says “I’ve eaten my life savings… Blast you Brexit!”

So what is the down side? Banks have shut their doors. Mars Confectionery, the makers of M&M’s have opened a banking division of their company. They say “Put your money on Mars.” 24 year old John Johnson a regular Joe from New York says that “I put all my M&M’s in my wallet, put my wallet in my back pocket and when I went to pay for lunch it was gone and the police got called and I got charged in the restaurant in front of my friends!”

Gone are the days where M&Ms used to be the candy that melts in your mouth and not in your hands. Jokes such as: “Why did the blonde get fired from the M&M’s factory? Because she ate the W’s” are now a thing of the past.

Since M&M’s are used as currency and people are not eating them…the zit and acne companies are suing due to lack of client usage of there products. Mars Confectionery said, No Comment.

Crown Casino will take on a new name by being known as M&M Casino. Bendigo Council will be replacing the Marilyn Monroe statue with a giant Peanut M&M that will be seen from space to mark the occasion.

Oh and a side note: the Mini M&M’s are currently being used worldwide as coins.